Court Surfaces

The outdoor courts consist of 5 hard-courts and 9 clay-courts of various materials, including Rubico, Vel-Play and Hard-True. The 10 indoor courts are of a synthetic surface called Dyna-Cushion with bleacher seating accommodations for approximately 2,000 spectators.

Court Reservations

The indoor courts may be reserved up to 7 days in advance, on a first-come, first-served basis. The outdoor courts may be reserved up to 7 days in advance with a $1.00 reservation fee. A twenty-four hour notice is required to cancel a court.

Lighting System

CBRC is proud to have an exceptional lighting system, rivaling many exclusively professional facilities. It is engineered specifically for indoor tennis, combining several types of indirect lighting, along with a skylight system to utilize natural light from the outside. The outdoor courts are not lit.

Exercise Rooms

CBRC offers an upstairs workout facility with a view of the outdoor courts.  The workout facility is equipped with a Peloton Treadmill, free weights, an all in one weight machine, bands, and mats.  We also have on staff, Wence Alvin Martin, a certified personal trainer who can help with your exercise guidance and motivation.


There is no additional charge for the use of the ball machine on indoor courts.  It should be reserved when the court is booked.  There is a basket of balls available to be used with the ball machine.


Lockers can be used on a daily basis while you are in the Club at no charge. Members and Non-members must furnish their own locks.